Saturday, June 09, 2012


My Pencil Stories
April 2008 - June 2012

I think we've had quite a splendid run, through four years of wonderful memories. This blog marked all those frantic years as a student, those carefree years when my biggest fear was not submitting a project. But I guess, this is it. I'm putting this blog to rest, and will not be updating anymore.

Something else is in the pipeline, and if I managed to pull through the novelty of a new blog and persevered, I'll share the new blog link here. Until then, whoever you are that has kept My Pencil Stories company all these years, thank you!

May you have a good life too. Ta!


adri-enne said...

Cheers to Pencil Stories. Tonight, I'd crack open a beer and toast to you. I'd miss you!

Quin said...

I'd love you! <3

Hooi Hoon said...

where to like? :P

Andy said...

Cheers to Pencil Stories. Tonight, I'd crack open a beer and toast to you. I'd miss you!

Four said...

i like it

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